Covid-19 Vaccination Update: Walk-in clinics

Updated 16th December

Harbourside Family Practice are holding walk in clinics for patients aged 18+ to receive their booster vaccination on the following dates and times:

Thursday 16th December:             15.30- 20.00 (Pfizer and Moderna)

Friday 17th December:                   15.30- 20.00 (Pfizer and Moderna)

Saturday 18th December:              09.00- 18.00 (Moderna)

Sunday 19th December:                 09.00- 18.00 (Moderna)

Eligible patients MUST NOT:

  • have tested positive to COVID 19 within the last 4 weeks (28 days)
  • have had a COVID vaccination within the last 3 months
  • have a current cough or awaiting PCR results

Other points to note:

  • We are also offering 1st and 2nd doses.
  • Under 18s – Pfizer only.
  • Your 1st vaccine must be the same as your 2nd vaccine e.g. both Pfizer or both Moderna

Providing you meet the criteria, you do not need an appointment to attend, please walk in during one of these sessions.