Hypertension Review Form

We are now offering an alternative way to review your hypertension. By completing both the questionnaires in the links below and returning it to us we are able to review your symptoms and it may save you coming in to the surgery.

Hypertension annual review questionnaire

If the Nurse or GP asks you to complete a home blood pressure monitoring form for 7 days, please use the link below.

7 day home blood pressure monitoring record

If you have any concerns regarding your hypertension please book a review with one of our specialist nurses.
Please hand in your completed questionnaires to reception or e-mail to us on: reception.harbourside@nhs.net.

Book an Appointment

Our hypertension clinics provides a service for people who have been diagnosed by their GP as having high blood pressure. The clinic includes an assessment of blood pressure, blood test results and current medication as well as the opportunity to discuss how considering lifestyle issues such as diet, activity, smoking and weight and how they can help improve blood pressure and general health.

If you are attending for a hypertension review and have a blood pressure machine at home, please bring a record of the readings with you, using the Home blood pressure monitoring form at the top of this page.