Young People

Harbourside seeks to reach out and offer the best possible support and treatment for its younger population. Currently the Practice offers a range of services for those aged under 25 which includes sexual health and substance abuse. In addition to this, the Practice works closely with a number of support groups to ensure its young population are offered a wide range of advice and guidance.


All appointments and consultations are fully confidential between you and the doctor or nurse. Although we would normally expect you to attend with a parent if you are under 16, we are happy to see you on your own if you wish to discuss personal issues confidentially with us. These may include issues regarding sexual health, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, depression and any other health problem you’re worried about. However, in rare circumstances if we were very concerned about your safety, ¬†we might have to talk to a parent or another health care professional, but we would try to let you know first.

For more information regarding Harbourside’s confidentiality policy, click here.


Young people can attend appointments on their own, with a family member, with a guardian or with a friend.

The practice also offers a chaperone policy which will need to be organised when booking the appointment. Our reception team will be able to organise this for you.

For more information on our chaperone policy, click here.

We also offer the opportunity to speak to a receptionist in private to book an appointment or ask any questions. Please ask at reception and this can be organised.


As a practice we are striving to improve the services for young people. We would appreciate if you could take a small amount of time to fill in this questionnaire and place it in the box in reception.

Alternately if you feel you would like to share your experience of the practice, please submit a suggestion in the contact us box on the home page and we will address the matter wherever possible. You can also submit your suggestions at the practice via our suggestion box.

More information

We have a variety of useful information available to young people on our website, please see:
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