Paediatric (ages 5-11) Covid Vaccination Clinics at Harbourside

Our paediatric Covid-19 vaccination clinics will be operating totally differently to the mass vaccination clinics that we ran for adults last winter.

There will be a welcoming face to greet each child and their parent/carer at our main entrance (see arrow). This person will give the parent/carer a form to fill in to consent for the child to have the vaccine.

You will then be directed to a small queue in our waiting room. A friendly doctor or nurse will come and fetch you and take you along our corridor to one of our consulting rooms to provide some privacy for you and your child. Please make sure that your child is wearing a short-sleeved t-shirt underneath any other layers they may be wearing.

This is a picture of one of our consulting rooms:

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Each of our doctors and nurses will be allocated enough time with your child to give them their vaccine as we do not want your child to feel rushed. Once your child has had their vaccine, they will be offered a sticker, a ‘covid hero’ certificate and a sweet treat.

Your child will then be asked to wait in our reception area on one of our chairs for 15minutes. You are free to leave after 15minutes and you do not need to tell anyone that you are leaving.

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Thank you from all of the Harbourside team.