Routine and Urgent Appointments

Our New Appointment System – eConsult

We have recently made some changes to the way patients can contact us by introducing a new system called eConsult. eConsult allows you to get in touch with us, day or night, without the hassle of waiting for an appointment. The eConsult system allows you to securely message our practice to ask for medical advice. Our clinicians will then be able to reply to you by the end of the next working day at the latest. You may not even need to come in for an appointment.

We encourage our patients to select the most appropriate presenting complaint from the list to ensure that the questions are tailored appropriately to your complaint. Sometimes there is not a specific template available in which case the nearest can be selected or you can select ‘request general advice’. You are also able to use the eConsult system for administrative (non-clinical) queries.

Please go back to our home homepage by clicking here and click on the blue banner which looks like the below photo. Please choose one of the options inside of the blue banner to proceed.

Extended Hours Appointments

In order to provide the widest possible choice of appointments to our patients, we provide additional GP appointments outside of our normal opening hours of 8am to 6.30pm. These appointments are to allow those patients who find it difficult to attend during our core hours, due to work or other commitments, to access care.

These appointments are pre-bookable only and patients who attend the Practice without a pre-booked appointment during these times will not be seen by a GP, but will be redirected to the out of hours services.

Our telephone lines are not open during these hours and, unfortunately, we are also unable to provide chaperones during extended opening hours.

Our extended GP hours are as follows (these clinics do not run every week):
Monday – 6.30pm to 7.30pm
Wednesday – 7am to 8am
Thursday – 7am – 8am
Friday – 7am – 8am

Telephone system options

When you telephone our practice, you will hear a variety of options available to you, these options are:

Press option 1 for help with booking an appointment.
Press option 2 to leave an answerphone message to cancel an appointment
Press option 3 for test results (please note: test results are only available after 2pm)
Press 4 for Secretaries
Press 5 for private work and insurance queries
For all other queries please hold to speak to a receptionist