Ear Syringing/Irrigation

Harbourside Family Practice will no longer be able to provide routine ear syringing to our registered patient population except in specific circumstances. 

Why has this changed?

The surgery is contracted to provide ear syringing in certain circumstances, for example where requested to do so by secondary care (hospital services such as Audiology or Ear, Nose and Throat) or where a GP requests this because they need to make an assessment or a diagnosis. 

The surgery is not contracted to provide a routine service to patients who experience a build-up of wax.  We have tried to accommodate patients as best as we can in the past but in reviewing our capacity and demand we have concluded that it is no longer possible to offer this service without it negatively affecting our ability to provide other care to patients.  The staff who undertake this procedure are best utilised to provide clinical interventions such as wound care, dressings, ECGs, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring, diabetic care and blood tests. 

Where can I get this procedure done if not at the surgery?

This is available at a cost to patients through other providers such as:

  • The Chris Phelps Hearing Care – 0117 2993779 – Carry out ear wax removals via Home Visits
  • Specsavers Opticians and Audiologists, Weston-Super-Mare – 01934 642140
  • The Hearing Care Partnership Nailsea – 01275 772279
  • Meadows + Wood, expert hearing care and advanced wax removal – 01934 248426 – Care is provided at Harbourside Family Practice and Cowan House Treatment Centre in Weston Super Mare. A home visit is available on request. Their website is available here.
  • Or you can use an internet search engine to find other providers locally

I have had my ears syringed in the past so will it continue?

We will only continue for our patients who:-

– wear hearing aids

– are under the care of audiology services

– have learning difficulties or dementia

We recognise that this change may be disappointing for patients but we need to focus our resources on supporting our patients who require support with many other complex conditions.

Further Information

Please click here to see our patient information leaflet about ear irrigation, including some treatment that you can carry out at home.